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Professional Training Overview

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The Autism Treatment Center of AmericaĀ® is conducting an ongoing staff training course for those seeking a professional career using The Son-Rise ProgramĀ® at the Autism Treatment Center of America in Sheffield, Ma. This training course is designed to help achieve a mastery of The Son-Rise Program techniques combined with a firm grounding in the attitude of love and acceptance which is fundamental to this unique approach. We are currently accepting applications until we have reached our desired amount of excellent candidates.

Download the Employment-Admission Application and the Professional Training Packet.

We are looking for a group of dedicated professionals to join our elite team of Son-Rise Program Child Facilitators in Sheffield, MA. Incoming applicants will join a select training group to receive on-the-job training, working with children and families from around the world.Each Child Facilitator supports families in the following ways:

Through highly individualized instruction, video-assisted learning, comprehensive presentations and extensive hands-on experience with children and adults with special needs, students will participate in a completely unique professional development opportunity.

Professional Training Benefits