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The Son-Rise Program Social Curriculum

The Son-Rise Program Developmental Model is based on the understanding that the ability to socialize, create and sustain substantial interactive relationships with parents, siblings, peers, etc., is the fundamental challenge that children and adults on the autistic spectrum face. It is important to focus on all areas of a child's development yet the first and foremost skill to focus on is social development, the ability to socially interact. By focusing on this area, we are able to create the greatest possibility for change

As with any skills or abilities that you want your child to acquire, clear stages of development are essential to knowing what to teach and when to teach it (i.e. learning to read has clear stages of development from sounding out letters to reading books independently.) Social development from autism to a socially successful child/adult is no different. In the PDF below we explain the stages of social development (including easy to read Social Developmental Charts) and how to create curriculum so that you focus on the skills most appropriate for your child's next step in social development

The Son-Rise Program Developmental Model - Version 3 (English)

The Son-Rise Program Developmental Model - Version 3 (Spanish)

The Son-Rise Program Child Development Tracking System

NEW!! Track your child’s progress on your computer! Download our new Son-Rise Program Child Development Tracking System by clicking on the link below. This new Tracking System will allow you and your volunteer team to track your child's progress each week. The Tracking System will automatically calculate attention span figures for you and gives you an effective way to keep all of your observations on your computer in one easy-to-manage location. (Right-click on the link below to save this document to your computer for future use.)