Autism Treatment Center of America®

Susan Nelson - Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator

Name: Susan Nelson

Title: Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator

Region: Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.

Phone: (734)770-9265



Susan first became involved with The Son-Rise Program when her own son Jake was diagnosed with autism in 1998. Jake was 3 when first diagnosed, he did not speak, would cry and scream sometimes for hours, he rarely interacted with others and instead spent much of his time engrossed in watching the wheels spin on his little toy cars. Susan and her husband Brian ran a Son-Rise Program for Jake for 3 ½. It was an amazing journey for their entire family and Jake emerged from autism and is now a typical 16 year old. He attends mainstream school, has been on the academic honor roll, loves learning to play the guitar, and just recently attended his first rock concert!

After completing Jake’s program Susan wanted to give back to the program that had so changed her family’s life, so they moved their family to Massachusetts in 2003 so that Susan could receive training at the Autism Treatment Center of America. After working and training for two years Susan received her Certification as a Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator in March of 2005. She returned to her home in Michigan in 2005 and is currently working with families in the Midwest using The Son-Rise Program.