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Linda Cecavova - Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator

Name: Linda Cecavova

Title: Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator

Region: Europe




Linda started to work with The Son-Rise Program in 1999 as a volunteer for two children with autism (London UK). She started her training at the Autism Treatment Center of America in 2001 and was certified in May 2002. She volunteered in Jade Hogan’s program for 18 months .During her years as a certified Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator she has been working with hundreds of children and adults at the autism spectrum and other diagnoses (from toddlers to 40 year old adults). She had unique experience to work with children who overcame their diagnoses completely (Jade Hogan, Jake Nelson, Kyle Westphal, Wojtech Wilk) She lives in the Czech republic and works with special needs children and adults all over continental Europe (Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Poland, Czech republic, Slovak Republic etc.) She is highly experienced with working with non-English speaking children using a translator to communicate with a child. She is married with 2 children

Quotes from Son-Rise Program Parents

“Thanks to Linda’s help, our daughter started to understand the meaning of verbal communication. Her outreach helped us become more creative, energetic and enthusiastic. We were fascinated by watching Linda playing with our daughter. Linda was a complete stranger to Marie and immediately developed steady eye contact with her. Linda was really fun to watch.!! We found a new way of working with Marie. After Linda left, our daughter started to ask about her and wanted to play with her again :).”

Marketa Kohoutkova, Full-Time Son-Rise Mom, Prague, Czech Republic
Child's Name: Marie / Age: 10 / Diagnosis: Autism, Disphasia

“Linda was the first to encourage us to start our Son-rise program for Tobias. Linda has been visiting us regularly ever since we created our playroom. Her outreaches are a great source of inspiration and encouragement for us. Linda used 3e’s in every moment, she kept helping Tobias with eye contact, speaking, and was fun to play with at the same time. Watch Linda play with our son and then talk about her session is a great help for us as well as our volunteers.”

Pavel Kostal, Historian, Brno, Czech Republic
Child's Name: Tobias / Age: 5 / Diagnosis: Autism

“Linda’s help was fundamental for our work with Johan. It was great to see her apply the Son-Rise principles to our son. She helped us to choose priorities to work on. She was so enthusiastic, creative and loving. It had a great impact on us and our volunteers. We feel a new wave of energy now.”

Christina Eliot, Dentist, Oslo, Norway
Child's Name: Johan / Age: 20 / Diagnoses: Cerebral Palsy, Autism