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Bridgette Nichols - Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator

Name: Bridgette Nichols

Title: Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator

Region: Autism Treatment Center of America in Sheffield, Massachusetts.

Phone: 1-413-229-2100




Bridgette packed up her car and drove from Seattle Washington to Sheffield Massachusetts to work at the Autism Treatment Center of America® in May of 2014. Before her move to Sheffield, Bridgette worked at a popular trade school for 9 years with many teenagers and adults ranging from the age of 16 to 60. That is where Bridgette’s love for helping others grow into the best version of themselves originated. In her time at the Autism Treatment Center of America, she has had the pleasure to work with children and adults, ages 3 to 28, who were on the autism spectrum as well as other developmental challenges. This work has been beyond rewarding for Bridgette. Seeing the amazing hurtles people choose to overcome in their lives inspires her to bring playfulness, creativity, and love every week and every day into the Son-Rise Program® playroom. Bridgette plans on continuing her growth here to become a teacher, mentor, and continue helping families from all over the world.

Quotes from parents

"Bridgette was so full of energy and desire to teach Matthew to communicate in a more efficient way that Matthew picked up new skills from her very naturally and with ease."

- Valeriya Sloboshan -Child: Matthew -Diagnosis: UDX

"Bridgette, the energy you brought into the room was amazing! Being as persistant as you will be a goal for me."

- Hakan Carlsson -Child: Charlie

"So natural, spontaneous celebrations. So expressive (gestures, facial expressions). I felt like she really loved every minute spent with Maciej and she had cool creative games!"

- Agata Misiak -Child: Maciej

"Bridgette- So much enthusiasm as soon as she entered the room! Developed a lovely connection with Simar. Learned a lot from the clear explanations she offered to Simar. Embodied the 3E’s exceptionally! A star!!"

-Hardip Mahem -Child: Simar

"I admired her for being sooo passionate and enthusiastic. Her energy truly lightened up and warmed the playroom."

-Andreja Knez -Child: Filip

"Bridgette – Very welcoming, helpful, energetic, loveable, showed great expression and excitement!! Engaging! Great anticipation for Salem upon the green light. Engaging, loving, fun!!"

-Tammi Obermeier-Abuzaid -Child: Salem