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Autism Treatment Options - The Son-Rise Program

We know that every family and every child is unique. With this in mind we have created three Treatment Options that offer you flexibility in implementing The Son-Rise Program.

We have found that The Son-Rise Program Principles can be applied in various ways and so have provided the below descriptions to offer you the opportunity to choose the Treatment Option that will work best for your family. We recommend that you choose an option you can implement consistently for at least a six month period so your child can reap the benefits of the program. You may also choose one Treatment Option and then expand your program to the next level of intervention. It has been our experience that children benefit most when they receive the greatest amount of stimulation. We are available to guide you through this process and help you to create the most effective program possible.

Treatment Option Overview:


Part Time

Full Time

Autism Treatment Options - Click here for a full description and print version of these autism treatment options.

If you have questions, or if you would like assistance in choosing your treatment option for your Son-Rise Program, please contact us: